Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Holistic Science of Life & Living Vol. III Sept 2014 Special Issue

Dear Readers,

Holistic Science is both holistic and scientific. The knowledge aspect of soul or self is Holistic and the relationship of the soul with the external is explained on scientific basis except that this science is 'Inner Science' and deals with human life from the gross to the subtlest levels. The knowledge of one's Real identity as Pure Soul and its role in the relative worldly happenings within the physical body, which includes mind, speech and body itself dispels the numerous wrong beliefs, doubts, puzzles and ignorance that are the causes of human's sufferings and stress.

Special Issue of Holistic Science of Life & Living Vol. III, Sept 2014 is dedicated to our Inspirer  Holistic Scientist HDH Shri K. K. Patel, popularly known as Kanudadaji's on his 85th Birthday. Please click on following link to read it:

Holistic Science of Life & Living Vol. III, Special Issue Sept 2014 




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